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Event Day
2016 JA start times and venue

Games will be held at the amazing Football Factory at 77Shortwood Rd, Kingston 8, Jamaica. The fun will kick off at 10:00am sharp so we highly recommended you’re checked in and your team is together by 9:30 am, so we can start on-time!

What do I do on games day?

When you arrive there will be a registration area for
players. Come thru, get banded, get to your team tent, pour a drink and get
ready for a fun-filled day!

What do I receive on games day?
What is FrenOlympics?

F R E N O L Y M P I C S is an annual games day for super
athletes (aka big kids) who are looking to relive the camaraderie and fun of
sports day! It is a riddim driven, alcohol infused, shit talk the other team
till you're blue, have the laughs of your life, vibe.

Can I bring my own FrenOlympian super foods?

Absolutely! Bring your cooler packed up with whatever you
desire. Part of the beauty of FrenOlympics is that you’re with your friends
having your food and enjoying your drinks and making your memories

What do I receive on games day?

As a FrenOlympian you will have exclusive access to all
games and game zones. Your team tent will be set up and waiting for you in the
Olympic Village along with any drink packages you chose during registration.
Drinks will be included in most games, music will be pumping from morning, and
shit talk with the other teams is mandatory. We will also have giveaways from
sponsors for you throughout the day.