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  I had cancer years ago when I was young (in high school), it was a high grade sarcoma. After numerous doctor visits, tests, scans and another surgery I went through intense high dowses of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to increase my survival rate. Most doctors believed that removing my leg entirely (amputation) was necessary. I was fortunate to have kept my leg, for which I thank God everyday for. I have had pain and some problems in the leg, and it caused my other leg to have problems as well. i feel very blessed to have a wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls and a great family and friends. Earlier this year I started having severe pain in my leg again, much different than before and found out that the radiation treatment from years ago caused my bone to deteriorate. Aftrer a biopsy (which was negative), and other attempts of healing, I needed surgery to stabilize the leg. I had a surgery in December to implant two plates and mlitple screws to try to prevent further breakdown. when the doctors were performing surgery they noticed a tumor and took another biopsy.
Unfortunately this biopsy came back positive and I have a rare cancer sarcoma (caused by the radiation treatment years ago). It is a different type of cancer but equally deadly and in order to save my life, I will lose the leg. I am not sure what lies ahead with rehabilitation and treatments, but I am going to fight this cancer as strongly as I did before and will beat it.